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How to be a kick ass vlogger

With the likes of Zoella and Fun For Louis achieving mass cult followings, this just shows how vlogging can propel your average joe to celebrity status. For a long time video was underused in blogging but many people are catching onto the fact that YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. So how do you create engaging videos, stand out from the crowd and build that subscriber base among the sea of makeup tutorials and clothing hauls? Victoria will show you how to be a kick-ass YouTuber and earn money from it too.

What you get: In this session you’ll discover everything you need to know about getting people to watch your videos on YouTube, from choosing your vlog topics to monetization. You’ll also learn some handy practical tips including basic camera techniques, equipment suggestions, editing tips and how to show off your personality on camera.


How to beYoutiful

Learn how to embrace your inner and outer beauty online! Learn how to build a brand as well as represent your unique features through social media effectively and creatively.

What you get: A sense of inspiration to begin your journey of embracing yourself and your unique style online. You’ll learn tips and tricks to being simple with social media by simply being yourself.

Rik Turner pic

SEO: How to increase traffic to your blog

SEO expert Rik Turner, from  digital marketing agency Propellernet, will be on hand during this drop in session to answer your questions on search engine optimisation and advise you on how to use SEO tactics to increase traffic to your blog, including using the google keyword tool amongst other tools.

What you get: Expert SEO advice from a consultant with five years of experience and practical tips to put in to action, which should result in improved traffic to your blog.

Note: Bring your laptop/ipad as you may wish to put some of the advice in to practice during the session.

Meg on bus

Free online tools to make life better

Digital marketing and outreach expert, Megan Mepham, will be sharing her favourite free ‘go to’ tools which are bound to make blogging life better. The session will including a simple way to promote your blog to brands, useful tools to improve your blogs appearance and helpful online resources to use to optimise your blogs visibility in search engines.   

Megan has been managing successful blogger campaigns for fashion and retail brands for five years – some of you may have even worked with her so come along and say hi! 

What you get:  Digital marketing advice from a consultant with five years of experience, you’ll not only find out how to use online tools which could save you time but also simple ways to better market your blog.


The Secrets of Lifestyle Blogging

Want to learn how to make money from simply living your life? Lela London will take you on a personal journey through over five years of blog partnerships (including being LG’s official London Fashion Week blogger & travelling the world with tourism boards). Whether your interests lie in fashion, beauty, travel, food, crafts, photography, or something entirely different, Lela will teach you how to make passion work in your favour!

What you get: A clear idea on running a successful lifestyle blog for yourself and making your blog work for you.

Dannii Martin

How to get 140,000 followers on social media!

Learn how Dannii Martin has built up her social media following to over 140,000 over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Dannii will share all the tips and tricks she has learnt over the past 4 years to not only build up a social media following, but turn those followers in to blog traffic. Whether you have just started your Facebook and Twitter, or you have had one for a while and want to build it up, or you are just frustrated with how much social media has changed and you can’t keep up.

What you get: Real workable solutions to help build your numbers. Methods you can apply immediately.

Ben Jackson

Working with Adland; how to sell without selling out

Ripping back the veil on advertising to show you what goes into a blogger / influencer campaign. Ben Jackson will show you what agencies look for in bloggers and what really great campaign ideas look like. Get noticed by adland while keeping your reputation in tact!

What you get: A clear set of methods and tips to collaborate with brands effectively, work professionally and still please your audience.

Leah at Devoted To Pink

How To Effectively Market Your Blog

Do you want to raise awareness and drive more traffic to your blog? Leah will give you tips, techniques and ideas on what you can do market your blog effectively, and best of all they won’t cost you a penny!

What you get: Whether you’re a beginner and just starting out, or you want to develop your existing marketing skills, this session will give you the fundamentals you need to increase traffic to your blog and take it to the next level.


How to harness your value and earn a living from your blog

Sarah and Terry Lee will show you why many bloggers fail to make money from their blog and will help you discover the tools you need to succeed. Taking a closer look at your value, power and strengths as a blogger in order to gain the confidence to negotiate great deals!

What you get: Put your business prowess to the test in our end of session contest. The winner will receive a relaxation-inducing Swedish massage to ease any tension and other goodies to have them match-fit for conference negotiations.

Brenna Holeman Photo

Turning your blog into a Book!

It might seem that writing a book is relatively easy if you’re a blogger; we already have, of course, a blog full of words in our arsenal. Actually sitting down to turn those posts into an entertaining, logical, and meaningful book is not as easy as one may think, however. In this session Brenna Holeman will talk about her own struggles and breakthroughs with writing a book, highlighting the steps necessary from day one. Planning, scheduling, writing, editing, finding resources, and how to approach agents and publishers will all be touched upon.

What you get: Plenty of new tips, techniques and motivation to publish your own book thanks to your blog!

Social Media Health Check

Is your social media fit as a fiddle? Or does it need some treatment? In this interactive session Elle Croft will show you the results of a health check I’ve completed on the Blogstock social media. I’ll then choose some volunteers to share their social media channels, and as a group we’ll take a look at what’s working and what could use some help. I’ll also share with you some of my expert tips, tricks and tools to help you on your way.

What you get: You’ll come away with a set of simple tasks that will make your social media more manageable while giving you the results you want.


Blogger Speed Dating

Are you sick of just winging this blogging thing? Do you think you should have a plan for your blog but never have time to set goals? In Mel Knibb’s session, you will be sharing tips and tricks with other bloggers. Do not come expecting a lecture; you won’t get one! You will be fully involved, and so will your blog!

Perfect for all levels, whether you’re new to blogging, a seasoned veteran or haven’t even launched your blog yet!

What you get: Following a ‘blind date’ format, you will get a chance to discover a few new bloggers on a one-to-one basis. After a look at each other’s blog, you will have the opportunity to celebrate strengths and identify areas for development. By the end of the session, you will have a list of specific yet achievable targets for your blog, with an element of accountability to ensure you do reach those goals.

raj 1

Creative Accounting

Expense like a boss and run like a fat cat. Creative Accounting run by Raj Dhokia is accounting for creatives and will cover the journey from idea to incorporated and everything you need to do to call yourself a business owner. Learn how to go legit in one hour and stop being scared of your accounts. Learn why all bloggers need insurance and get my Top Tips for DIY Books.

What you get: Learn what the HMRC want, what banks want and what you need to run your blog properly and keep as much money for yourselves as possible. Includes a quick personal review of your setup with recommendations.

Elizabeth from Rosalilium and Awesome Wave

Creating a Passive Income: How to use your expertise to create an e-course

The key to earning as a blogger is to diversify your revenue streams. Elizabeth Sellers will show you how to create a product that packages up you unique expertise and insights. You will learn exactly how to come up with an e-course idea, what tools you’ll need to create and run the e-course and how to package and sell it too.

What you get: Actionable strategies, a collection of resources, and a roadmap to get you started on creating your own e-course.


Supercharge Your Instagram Account!

Julie Falconer will teach you how to take your Instagram activities to the next level, with tips on everything from photography and video to engagement, traffic, and even monetisation.

What you get: -Tips for improving your content on Instagram. Advice for how to maximize your reach and engagement. An understanding of how to drive traffic. Useful information about how to work with brands and monetise your account. Actionable ways to measure your performance.


How To Boost Your Blogging Creativity

Penny Alexander gives you the chance to get hands on with simple tricks which can significantly enhance your creative output as a blogger. From writing, to design, to film and photography – blogging is all about being a creative, but it can be hard to find the time to nurture your creative development. We’ll take time to make your creative action plan, to supercharge your creativity going forwards.

What you get: 50 ways to boost your blogging creativity. An action plan for your own creativity going forward. Lots of inspirational ideas to play straight away.


Bloggers, Reclaim Your Time! (How to optimise your schedule like a pro.)

Many of us bloggers have to juggle our online lives with a full-time job, social life and a bunch of other extracurriculars that make achieving any sort of balance rather difficult – at least, without tearing our hair out!

Jessica Johansen will show you how to proritise your big, beautiful blog goals, map out your schedule to free up as much time as you need to fulfil your dreams, go over a bunch of fun techniques to optimise your time.

What you get: Learn how to priorities your goals and tasks to get the big stuff done, guard your time without guilt. Plus productivity techniques to get your blogging done in an efficient, stress-free way.

Profile Image

Six Steps to Launch a Conventional Business from Your Blog

Amanda Mouttaki invites you to dig in deep during this session as we work together through six steps that will help you sketch out a plan to make your business dream a reality. From the conception phase through implementation Amanda will provide actionable steps and ideas to help you walk away ready to make your business dreams a reality. Bring a notebook, pen, and your wildest dreams!

What you get: An idea (or several) to build your own business as well as next steps to make it happen. Go beyond inspired with real actions you can implement.


Your blogging brand; look after it like a pro

You work hard to build an online presence and reputation, to get noticed and build successful relationships with audiences, brands and PRs. That positive reputation can be at risk if it’s not protected. Don’t rely upon luck, take action to safeguard your blogging brand! Kirsten Thompson will show you how.

What you get: This interactive session will include a number of actionable takeaways you can implement straightaway to keep your blogging brand in check.


What does your blog design say about you?

Becca Pusey takes a look at blog design and the message your blog gives to your readers, and to brands you’d like to work with. An interactive session covering the first impressions your own blog is making a well use of colour, how to use space effectively, ads, and more! Feel free to bring along any questions and opinions you might have!

What you get: The ability to look at your site objectively and think about the message that it’s sending to readers and brands. Useful notes specific to your design choices and a clear action to improve it!


Learn how to take risks and be a little crazy

Marcin Jędras will be showing you how taking risks, being brave and maybe a little crazy can transform your blogging career from the ordinary to the epic! With examples of how his craziness pushed the blogging boundaries for him ad how it can help you too.

What you get: The confidence to take a few risk and useful ideas on how you can take your career to the next level.

Ree ree rockette

Who are we even blogging for? Why bother blogging at all?

Ask yourself, “Why do we blog, and who bothers to read it?” Are you feeling a little lost as to why you blog and what direction your blog should take next? ReeRee Rockette will show you the way! Your attitude towards the content you create can have profound effects on your blog.

What you get: A chance to reflect on what you want from your blog, as well as what your readers really want too.


Punching above your weight: how to get noticed as a blogger

By utilising branding, marketing and networking opportunities in a clever way you can rise above the blogging crowd and get your blog featured in the media, get paid writing opportunities and be sent on amazing press trips too.

What you get: Learn how to better brand your blog, how to market yourself and get the word out about your blog. You will also learn how to network effectively, and craft pitches that will make companies and media want to work with you.

Monica Stott | The Travel Hack

How to be a six-figure blogger

Forget the income, its all about the six figures in your blog stats. Monica Stott will show you how to get to 100,000+ monthly visitors on your blog! Featuring tips and techniques to help you increase your traffic, get more followers and build a community around your blog.

What you get: You will learn how to increase traffic and create a long-term strategy to improve your blog. This isn’t about quick-fixes, it’s about big improvements to help in the long term.


Be a YouTuber now and how to get 40,000 subscribers

Youtube is the most powerful tool not only for traffic but also to position yourself as an expert and to separate you from the rest of the crowd. You’ll create loyalty 1000 times faster through your channel but you need to know how. Ximena de la Serna will teach you all the tips and tools that helped me create my 36,000+ Youtube following with almost half a million views a month while drive amazing traffic and paying customers to my blog.

What you get: Proven techniques to grow your subscriber numbers and become a profession YouTuber!


The One Secret You Don’t Know You Know That Will Transform Your Blog Into A Business

Starting a blog but don’t know how to make money with it? Have one but aren’t making enough (or even 0) £££? Let me show you a very simple, extremely effective way to transform your blog into a business even if you haven’t got a blog yet!

What you get: A formula and a step by step plan that will have you ready to go as soon as you hit your laptop again!

maria-chio -blogstock-speaker

Easy DIY professional photography

One thing is clear, appearance matters, and your photography is a key element to achieve a professional look for your blog. With the right apps you can make miracles! María Fernandez will show you how easy it is to achieve professional looking blog images from home or on the move. No more difficult editing or design software with these easy DIY pro photography tips.

Note: Bring your camera as part of this session will be practical!

What you get: Hands on demonstrations and examples. You’ll see instant improvements in your photography.

maria-chio -blogstock-speaker

Mobile Photography for Social Media

Struggle to keep your social media accounts pretty, interesting, engaging and professional? Learn how to use lighting and composition plus beautiful flattering filters to create amazing images (included selfies) with 3 easy steps. Keep everyone addicted to your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter even when you take pictures using your phone – no professional camera needed.


The Secret to Transform Your Blog into an Instant Business

How to take your blog to the next level and stop thinking like an amateur and start planning like a pro. Learn the fast track to having an entrepreneur mindset and the secrets that have catapulted my hobby blog to a fully thriving business.


Carving Your Place in the Blogosphere: Finding your Niche

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that in order to be a successful blogger then you need to have a niche. What if you just don’t want to? While there are numerous bloggers that don’t have a niche and still own high paying businesses find out how carving my own niche catapulted by blog to the top of the charts. Learn creative, easy ways on how you can stand out in a rapidly growing blogosphere.

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How to get your brand noticed

Turning your blog in to a business

Better blog design

Get crazy! How taking risks can change your life

How to get 40,000 subscribers!

Looking after your brand like a pro!

YouTube essentials workshop

Live music!

Yoga sessions

DJ mix & scratch workshop

Kite surfing training demonstration

Responsible travel bucket-lists

Asian cooking school

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