Line Up

Ben Jackson
Ben is creative director at The Social Partners. When he’s not doing that you’ll find him trying to finish the book he’s been writing for years. 27 and a born and bred cockney, he’s also a avid beard enthusiast and chronic overuser of ellipses.

Bill Oddie
One of Britain’s most loved wildlife television presenters, Bill Oddie is a passionate conservationist who has also authored books on birds and birdwatching. Having an interest in bird watching from an early age, his work includes hosting BBC Spring and Autumnwatch from 2005-2008, and writing the iconic ‘Bill Oddie’s Little Black Bird Book’. A former member of the RSPB council, Bill Oddie is currently a vice president for the League Against Cruel Sports. He is also a dedicated member of many organisations such as Greenpeace, RSPCA, and the Wildlife Trust. Conservation work is not Bill Oddie’s only passion- he also wrote and sang on six singles with the Goodies, including ‘The Funky Gibbon’.

Mark Avery
Mark is a dedicated naturalist and independent environmental consultant. In 2011 Mark left the RSPB after almost 13 years as Conservation Director. His work and reputation has led to a large following on social media, alongside writing for several magazines and newspapers including Birdwatch magazine, The Guardian, and The Independent. Besides being a member of numerous conservation groups, Mark is also a keen blogger on environmental issues – most recently launching a petition to ban the shooting of grouse.

Dan Bradbury
Dan is Head of Development at World Land Trust, the international conservation charity. Dan joined the WLT team in January 2013 after spending many years working for an FMCG supplier as their Graphics manager. In this role he was also involved in the management of their digital media. Away from work he loves nothing more than to be outdoors. He has a lifelong interest in wildlife and is a keen birder.

Zaineb Devin
Zaineb is the founder of popular lifestyle, fashion & beauty community Blogging Gals which connects bloggers & brands from all over the world in one place. With nearly 4 years experience in the blogging, she has built one of the leading blogger communities here in the UK.

Zaineb is also the editor-in-chief of a lifestyle blog that varies in topics. She has been fortunate enough to work with great brands such as: Debenhams, Zoeva, Ladbrokes, NYX, Boohoo & many more. As a result of her success, Zaineb now freelances as a Blogger Outreach Specialist whilst organising some of the best blogger focused events & meetups in London!

Lela London
Lela is the half-American, half-British ladyforce behind her popular personal lifestyle blog. Over 5 years, she has partnered with a wide range of household brands (including LG and Clarins), earned herself a food column, and has accidentally become the ultimate London travel guide in the process.

Diana Isac
Diana is the CEO and Co-Founder of Originally from Moldova, one of the oldest wine producing countries in Europe, Diana has been a Londoner for over 15 years. Currently she is building the largest community for wine and food lovers who like to travel. Winerist works with over 500 bloggers and writers to increase awareness around wine, food and travel and provide the most dynamic and educational content for winos and foodies.

Ginny Pettitt
Ginny is a natural hair enthusiast who aspires to promote the message of self love and acceptance. She is now embarking on a new journey of the movement Happy Froday which has recently travelled to Los Angeles and New York where women come together to connect on their journeys of natural hair. As she is still the baby of the blogging world, this motivates her to continue her passion of women embracing who they are.

She currently blogs about empowerment, fashion, creativity, lifestyle and of course hair on her blog.

Victoria Brewood
Victoria is a travel blogger who focuses on solo travel, encouraging others to get out there and see the world, even if it means going it alone! Holding a BA in Broadcast Journalism, she has used the skills acquired from her degree to develop a growing YouTube channel, posting regular vlogs of her adventures.

Victoria has been blogging since 2008, collaborating with numerous big brands, tourism boards and airlines over the years. These include Panasonic, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Travel Supermarket, Qatar Airways, Air France and Singapore Airlines to name just a few.

Leah Flavell
Leah is a marketing and business geek with a passion for beauty and fashion. She spends her days transforming brands marketing activity and is currently Head of Marketing in the automotive industry, having previously worked with FTSE 100 brands in property, travel and retail. Her devotion to digital media has also led her to offer freelance marketing advice on social media and website design.

She currently blogs about her love for makeup, fashion and anything else that crosses her mind on ‘Devoted to Pink’.

Lauren Shipley
Lauren is a blogger focusing on all things foodie, vegan, positive and integral to a healthy lifestyle. Trained in Photography and also selected as Company Magazine’s Fashion Photographer to watch, Lauren has used her skills to capture the best things in life and make healthy living and food accessible to all.

Exploring a plant-based diet to help benefit your body and skin in one of Lauren’s main messages with her blog (as is seeing the full potential in a positive and productive life) and focuses regularly on how all of these can help you maintain a long-term positive attitude towards your body, diet, and life that feels accessible to you.

Elle Croft
Elle is a blogger and social media strategist with over four years’ experience in digital marketing, working for brands including Coca-Cola and Flight Centre UK. When she’s not travelling, writing about travelling or editing her crime novel, she is working as a freelancer to create and develop social media strategies and compelling digital content for agencies and brands.

She specialises in Facebook marketing and knows how to make even the smallest social advertising budget deliver great results. Elle lives in London but suffers from permanently itchy feet.

Raj Dhokia
Raj is an Accountant attempting to change the boring accountant game. He is a blogger at, one half of, a DJ and somehow manages to moonlight as a policeman.

Raj left his job at Microsoft to start his company KonaSeven after spending a lot of time with fellow bloggers. He realised there was a need for creative people to stay creative but have some help dealing with the bookkeeping and business side of things. Now he spends his time living the life of a digital nomad, mentoring people to follow their heart and stay creative while he does the rest.

Marcin Jędras
Marcin is a kitesurfer, freelance web developer, entrepreneur and blogger. Ever since he discovered kitesurfing he started travelling around the world visiting the best kitesurfing locations. He is passionate about extreme sports, but believes that they are not really that extreme, if you do them right.

Kevin May
Kevin is the editor and a co-founder of Tnooz, a global media brand covering technology and marketing in the travel industry. In a 20-year career in journalism (punctuated with countless European inter-rails and a 9-month stint backpacking around Asia), he has worked for local newspapers, business magazines and websites, and is a regular speaker, moderator and panellist at industry events around the world. He published his first book – a biography about Depeche Mode – in 2015.

Jessica Johansen
Jessica is a writer, coach, digital marketing specialist and fitness enthusiast (phew!) currently based in London. By day, she lends her expertise to an exciting, central London-based start-up; by night, she thinks up creative new ways to live a happy, healthy and fabulous life on a crazy busy schedule, all the while loving herself fiercely! Over on her blog, Jessica Says, she shares insights on how to live your very best life and blog like a boss — even when you’re short on time.

Maria Fernandez
Six years ago Maria chose to leave her Civil Engineering degree in Spain to make a move into the creative world, focusing on her passion for Photography.

She has a BA in Photography and Film. Her great understanding of lighting and her subtle editing style allows her to deliver great results in any photographic field (portraits, events, food, commercial, interior and product).

In her years of experience as a professional photographer, Maria has had the opportunity to work with some big names such as Harvey Nichols, Cosmopolitan Magazine, D&AD, Vanity Hype Magazine and BLOW ltd. She has also been commissioned around the world in locations such us Hong Kong, Beijing, St Tropez and Thailand.

Alexandra Jimenez
Alexandra Jimenez is an entrepreneur that has been creating businesses since she was six years old. She found her calling when she launched Travel Fashion Girl in 2012 and has since turned her full time travel lifestyle into a successful digital nomad career. By combining her professional background with her extensive travel experience, Alexandra has helped thousands of women become more efficient travelers with a reach of over 300,000 readers a month.

Amanda Mouttaki
Amanda is a blogger, freelance writer, and business owner living in Marrakech, Morocco. In 2013 she launched Marrakech Food Tours from her popular website MarocMama. With just $50 to invest in a business start up she has grown her business rapidly and will gross over $100,000 in 2015!

Kirsten Thompson
Kirsten is a part-time adventure travel blogger with a love for photography, group adventure travel, the great outdoors and bears! She currently blogs about her adventures at and Kirsten has worked with a number of brands, including a long relationship with Trek America as a brand ambassador.

When Kirsten isn’t travelling, she’s working as an educator and learning technologist at the University of Leeds, which involves providing advice to colleagues on building personal and professional brands and managing a digital reputation.

Milou van Roon
Milou runs the Dutch travel blog, the broke girl’s guide to life and travel. She aims to inspire young women to live a life of their dreams. Milou travels at least a week per month, and spends the majority of her time blogging, and writing for clients such as Expedia. Despite a small-ish audience, her travel blog has been featured in the country’s biggest newspapers, magazines (Cosmopolitan), various popular websites as well as appearing on Dutch national television, and she regularly gets invited on press trips.

Sarah & Terry Lee
Founders of the luxury travel blog, LiveShareTravel and authors of The Luxury Traveller’s Handbook. Sarah’s a print journalist and editor. Terry has a background in PR and communications of more than 20 years, principally in the challenging environments of politics and local government. They are co-founders of Captivate, an elite group of award-winning digital storytellers, and Sarah is UK director of iAmbassador too.

Kathryn Burrington
A travel writer, photographer and blogger who has worked in the travel industry for some 20 years. She is an advocate for reponsible travel, a regular subject on her blog, Travel With Kat. Having studied both Zoology and Botany at University she has a keen interest in wildlife and the environment. She is also passionate about human rights and is a Digital Ambassador for the UK branch of the international children’s charity, Plan. In 2008 she won the AITO Responsible Tourism Award for her work with a charitable organisation promoting children’s health and education in West Africa. Kathryn is a co-founder of travel content creators, Travelator Media.

ReeRee Rockette
A blogger who quit her job as a teacher back in 2010 to launch her own lipstick line and now owns two hair salons. ReeRee and her blog and business have featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Fabulous, More, and Cosmopolitan. She now has a column in a tattoo magazine and blogs for The Huffington Post.

Dannii Martin
Dannii Martin is a full-time lifestyle blogger (with more of a focus on healthy food and fitness) at Hungry Healthy Happy. What started out as a way to share her 7st weight loss has turned in to an incredible community of people wanting to be physically and mentally healthier, but still enjoy good food. Dannii also shares her adventures around the world, as well as her food and fitness adventures in the UK.

Although her blog is just 3 years old, she has built up a social media following of 150,000, is ranked a top 10 food and fitness blogger, has been featured on Huffington Post and Fitness magazine and she has just signed a book deal.

Brenna Holeman
The writer behind This Battered Suitcase, a blog known mostly for long-form narratives and deeply personal travel stories. When she’s not travelling and/or blogging about it, she works for Expedia UK and is finishing up her master’s degree in Creative (Non-Fiction) Writing from City University. She just turned her blog into a book and is proud to say the process involved fewer tears and less wine than she had expected.

Julia Pond
A yoga teacher with a professional dance background, who knows the physical aches and pains of computer work all too well via her position as Managing Editor at Gogobot. Julia will teach a Saturday morning yoga session to get everyone ready for the day.

Matt Preston
Now a travel blogger at but in a previous life was a superstar DJ! Matt will be back by popular demand after last year’s musical entertainment thrilled the crowds and made both the opening and closing parties a night to remember. This year Matt will also be hosting a DJ workshop where you can try your hand at DJing and master the art of scratching. He’ll also be adding a few surprises to this year’s evening entertainment. Not to be missed!