Clogged Pipe Problems

If you notice that your drains are working very slowly, water seems to take forever to drain or there are gurgling noises coming out of your drains, there is a problem going on in your drains and if left unchecked, can cause you a lot of damage. Clogged pipes are one of the most dangerous yet commonly undetected plumbing problem, so if you feel that there might be a problem in your drain, call in a plumber and have them look over the situation. Now there are a number of reasons why there might be a clog in your pipes or sewage line, a few of which we will be listing down below.

  • A lot of people do not know this, but your sewage lines and main pipes require servicing too. So, a lack of maintenance where the pipes have not been cleaned or taken care of can cause a drainage issue.
  • In case of increased amounts of deposit in your drain, be it silt or scale deposits, they can easily be taken care through a thorough cleaning job. This is done more effectively through the use of a high pressure cleaner like a drain jetting job or through electro-mechanical machining.
  • Other reasons why you might have issues with drainage could be a more extensive problem like a collapsed drain. This usually happens as a result of an old, rusted pipe that has lost its structural integrity. Given how this is a more serious problem, it requires a lot of extensive work and time in order to be fixed properly.
  • Another common reason why your drain might be having issues is the result of a growing tree root infiltration which ends up blocking the drains. This can be dealt with through getting the roots of the trees trimmed and taken care of properly.