Whether you’re a professional blogger or a newbie the blogging industry offers many different ways to make money. Often new ways appear and old methods go out of fashion. So we’ve put together this quick survey that YOU can help with.

With your help we will compare the many blogging genres of travel, fashion, food, tech and more to view the health of industries, the latest trends in monetisation and the differences between each niche.

Your entry is totally anonymous we’re just interested in the numbers. We don’t collect any data that identifies you. We will be presenting a full report on this site and at a special session during this year’s BlogStock Festival on 4th – 6th September 2015. We’d love for you to join us. Check out our growing line up and sessions as well as activities and guides too, and you can grab your ticket to this special event here.

Please share the survey with your blogging friends

The BlogStock Festival 2015 is on 4th – 6th September and features expert bloggers from every genre. Check out our growing line up and sessions as well as activities and guides too, and you can grab your ticket to this special event here.

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